Rose Leaf Bramble blend - CREATIVITY-  Faery size smoke bundle

Rose Leaf Bramble blend - CREATIVITY- Faery size smoke bundle

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1x FAIRY sized Rose Leaf Bramble Blend - Creativity mini smoke clearing stick. These smoke clearing sticks have been created to enhance our innate powers of Creativity, they are perfect for healers, practitioners and for personal smoke clearing, as they are smaller and ideal for individual session use. 

Size: approx 10.5cm long

Rose Leaf Bramble: Clearing creative blocks.
Wattle: Joy, courage, openness.
Tea Tree: Yin and yang balance, cleansing, detoxifying and purifying.
Cypress: Letting go of grief, strength to go on.

Hand crafted from foraged wild Australian plants, shrubs and trees on the NSW Mid North Coast by an Intuitive Healer who consulted with Elders from the Gumbaynggir Community to ensure the authenticity of these beautiful smoke clearing sticks.

Smoke clearing sticks can be used every day or just when the need arises.
Simply light the stick and circulate it around your body and surroundings.

Use your intuition to create your personal ritual or meditation. If your intention is clear and your heart is in the right place, you can’t go wrong.

As Smoke clearing Sticks absorb moisture easily, please keep them wrapped. If hard to light, dry in sun or next to fire place.