Living Witchery
Living Witchery
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Living Witchery

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Living Witchery

Edited by Alexandra Tanet, Kim Fairminer & Sandra Greenhalgh

Explore modern Witchcraft with an Australian focus.

Would you like to enrich your life with magick and spirituality?

Living Witchery: Beginner Witch Guide is perfect for new witches and those seeking to consolidate their existing knowledge. Based on time tested coven traditions, this edited volume includes a broad range of topics essential for the beginner witch.

Deepen you personal practice by learning how to:

  • Connect with your local environment and the otherworlds
  • Celebrate the Wheel of the year and align with seasonal changes
  • Discover energy sensing, protection and meditation techniques
  • Create your own rituals
  • Cast effective spells.
Living Witchery: Beginner Witch guide features chapters by experienced practitioners, including:
  • Indigenous astrology
  • Everyday magical practices
  • Herbcraft
  • Astrology
  • Crystals
  • House cleansing
  • Divination
  • Walking rituals

Alexandra Tanet is the author of Living Witchery: Coven

Kim Fairminer is a witch and professional astrologer

Sandra Greenhalgh co-edited A History of Druidry in Australia and created the Druid Wisdom Oracle.

Published by Byrning Tyger 

238 pages.